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The project invited people to make a mask that reflected their experiences of, and feelings about the lockdown. People submitted masks from around the world, from Brazil to New Zealand.

The masks were published and shared on Instagram. The final Lockdown Masks collection becomes a photographic memoir and explores creativity and wellbeing during isolation.

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Lockdown Brief

Design Activity 01: Lockdown Masks

Design Week

Featured in Design Week 'Picks of the Month: the best design events to catch in July.'


Collectarium co-founder Sophie Beard talked to BBC Radio about Lockdown Masks. Listen here

Great Wave Press

Collectarium were invited to contribute to the House of Beautiful Business, The Great Wave. An in-person and virtual festival. We facilitated a 30 minute live mask making workshop to over 200 participants globally from our studio.

What design can do tweet

Featured on What Design Can Do. An international platform about the social impact of design.

Photographers Galley

Wonderful to see Collectarium Lockdown Masks book now stocked in The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop, London. This is very special to us as we both spent many hours there whilst students at Central Saint Martins, Long Acre.


The book is limited edition (500) and is designed to allow for multiple front and back covers.

Arthur Spread

It features a really lovely piece of writing from the wonderful Harold Bennett.


It comes with a reversible bookmark.

Loui Spread

The book features the entire Lockdown Masks collection. It is printed on 170gsm Fedrigoni paper by Pureprint on their Indigo Press.


This is a non profit publication.
Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to MIND charity.

Chris Spread

The book is available to buy from our shop.
Collectarium Shop

Photographers Galley

The book is stocked at:
The Photographers' Gallery, London
The Bookend by Jane & Jeremy, Brighton
The Neighbourhood Store, Shoreham
Shelf Editions, Lincoln


How Do You Feel? Exhibition & Drop in Wellbeing Centre at Phoenix Art Space, Brighton June 2023.


We used vinyl graphics on the windows to engage members of the public to come in and view the exhibition and take part in the mask making workshops.


We designed a drop in wellbeing centre and pop-up exhibition using the Lockdown Masks collection and publication as inspiration.


The space encouraged conversations around the relationship between creativity and wellbeing.


Large mask portraits were on display and the Lockdown Masks publication for participants to view and be inspired.


The book was designed to have multiple front covers and features the entire collection of Lockdown Masks.


We invited members of the public, school children and teachers to participate and collaborate in a series of free mask making workshops to explore the relationship between creativity and wellbeing.

Making Layers copy 0009 Layer 8

Every day the space was transformed into a playground of making. We had over 50 children make masks using the exhibition and publication as inspiration.


We created activity take aways and feedback cards with questions that asked the participants to reflect on the mask making workshop activity.


It was amazing to see how the children became energised, more confident, and calmer in the process.

Conversations were had on not worrying about the mask being perfect, what different materials they could use, whether they could make more than one mask and if they could come back tomorrow to do it all again.


Due to ongoing educational funding cuts and the continuous decline of art provision in the school curriculum many schools lack the basic resources to support children struggling with their mental health, which has been made worse post lockdown and with the current cost-of-living crisis.

IMG 7813

We are deeply concerned about the lack of arts funding in schools. So, it is imperative that we instigate change. We need to support our young people to be creative and to have a space to be able to express themselves.

This is an ongoing research in action project and we are exploring other places to pop up in particular areas where there is a lack of arts funding and resources.

Kareen Jackson
Josh Harrison
Angus Grant
Zoe Probert
Eliza Beard Amazon
Maya Stocks Colour
Ben Branagan Wear Mask
John Beard
Miles Carpenter
June Probert
Greta Rowley
Helen Eger
Felix Carpenter2
Gavin Kellett
Gemma Martin Wear Mask
Gavin Fry Mask
Bonitta Gillard Wear Mask
Sam Palmer
Jamie Dobsom Wear Mask crop
Abie Plate
Hiroshi Masuda
Paddy Tate wearing Mask
Mc Cload
Sophie Mum
John Cut
Mark Hudson
Rick Horne
Joele Mc Gowran
Sam Titterton
Hannah Morris Wear Mask
Jo Dunk
Christina Christoforou Mask01
Christina Christoforou Mask02
Christina Christoforou Mask03
Zhuohan Shao
Ally Waller
Alice Beard Mask Makeup
Sylvie Nixon
Stu Rowley
Sophie Beard
Alice Beard Wear Mask Hair
Heman Chong Wear Mask
Tom Wray
Abie Bag
Miya Turnbull
Lara wearing mask
Dave Bebber
Sam Jarman
Riccardo Festa
Sonny Staples
Alixblk Wear Mask
Fraser Muggeridge
Shell Belle
Pete Maloney
Magnus Irvin Wear Mask
Nafiseh Tabatabaii wearing Mask
Vanessa Ainsworth wearing mask
Alec Gatenby
Saffron wearing mask
Craig Brooks Wear Mask
Gavin Fry Wear Mask
Carmel O Connell Wear Mask
Thomas Robot
Carys Taylor Wear Mask
Cai Taylor Wear Mask crop
Christine Berrie
Natalie Vanessas Mum
Tasha Mask
Kyn Son
Home couturiere
Rufus Candyfloss
Gabriel Barbor Wear Mask
Daniel Normal Wear Mask01
Eliza Davis Beard Wear Mask crop
Tom Mc Gowran
Tasha Self Isolate hair
Rex Hands
Felix Carpenter Wear Mask
Angus Grant Wear Mask
Chris Allenjpg
Kyn daughter crop
Catwalk Copy Wear Mask
Paul Plowman watchout mask web
Chris Bigg S O S
B Ambeck Design
Ivana Zorn Wear Mask
Brian Johnson Wear Mask
Rufus Skateboard1600
Sandyfinal 1600
Renesha Taj
Sam Anthony Face mask
Andy Charlton Wear Mask
Greta Rowley
Red Mailbox
Stewart Eastonjpg
Rex Mc Gowran
Greta lego
Ruth Waller
Anna Harvey Wear Mask
Gina Mc Adam Wear Mask
Marjolein Burbank Wear Mask
Bruton Correspondence School Wear Mask 1
Amanda Willemse Wear Mask
Diana Ammann Wear Mask
Nick Gant
Rosie Upright
Maria Mie Eggman filmlow
Petra Lukovicsova
Andrew Demetrius Wear Mask
Clare Scully
Sam Anthony02
Sonia Boue
Nina mask psd
Laura Brown Wear Mask
Molly Powell
Tim Ereneta
Iommi and Edgar Wear Mask
Rose Thomas wearing mask
Nicola Tree
Sam Anthony03
Kate Rogers
Scout Dobson
Alice Beard Mask Loo Roll
Alf Williams Wear Mask
Dave Williams Wear Mask
TR Polisterine
Arthur Powell
Mariana Boff Wear Mask
Carole Billett Wear Mask
Lyubka Franko Wear Mask
Lars de Ruyter Wear Mask
Franco Chimento Wear Mask 02
Rex Monkey
Chris Holding Mask
Raina Kilner
Fiona Wear Mask
Adam Wear
The Dolls House Sapce
Liz Stirling
Isobel Smith
Mick Marston
Liz Stirling01
Nik Noks Mum
Nik Noks
Niloufar Afnan
Karen Lovett Wear Mask
Claudia Latisnere Wear Mask
Jessica Ison Wear Mask copy
Sam Anthonylips
Abigail Newton
Marisa Matusha Wear Mask
Harry Hudson resize
Mathew Macdermott2
Mathew Mac Dermott
Karen Davies Wear Mask
Stu Nosemaskgreenjpg
Flora Hudson Resize
Phil Simon
Andrea Blood Felix Wear Mask
Pete Hellicar
Lottie Jolly
Akiko Ferris
Red String mask resize
Veronica Cordova