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The Lockdown Space collection invited people to submit observations on how their home environment had changed during lockdown.

Domestic spaces became extraordinary through the way in which people had to rapidly re-imagine their homes. The Lockdown Space collection documents these unusual temporary and ‘in-between’ liminal spaces. The domestic home became the place where we work, socialise, exercise, learn, create, entertain, play, celebrate and escape.

Originally commissioned as part of the Tate Exchange programme at the Tate Modern (July 2021). This project is in collaboration with Pete Maloney.

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Collectarium Lock Down Mask

Design Activity 01: Lockdown Space

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Collectarium Lockdown Space: Sharing domestic transformations and innovations for pandemics.

Paper presented at the Urban Assemblage: The City as Architecture, Media, AI + Big Data conference, June 2021. As part of (AMPS) Architecture, Media, Politics + Society at the University of Hertfordshire.

This project is in collaboration with Pete Maloney.

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