Type on Loan +

Design Activity +

This is a collection of typefaces from independent type foundries free to download or use on a trial basis for educational and non-commercial use.

The idea evolved from our experience of teaching typography with our graphic design students. Our aim is to raise awareness of the craftsmanship of typeface design by making type accessible and free to use.

The Type on Loan collection will act as a resource to be used for Collectarium design activities to encourage dialogue, debate, and purposeful play.

The visual identity of the Collectarium website is made from a variety of free typefaces from this collection.

This collection is ongoing – please email us if you would like to contribute.

© Collectarium 2022

Font Draw Workshop

Design Activity 01: What’s your Type?

A drawing workshop that substitutes the life model for letters dressed up in various typefaces.

The 'Type on Loan' collection was used to analyse the anatomy of type using traditional life drawing exercises. Students learnt about typefaces, terminology and the history and contexts for use.

Akkurat Mono Thin
Akkurat Mono Reg
Apercu Ultra Light
Apercu Arabic
Archive Semi Bold
Autoscape Trial
Basis Grotesque Reg
Beans Reg
Biff Reg
Blankenhorn Brush
Blankenhorn Script
Bradford Bold
Bradford Mono Reg
Brown Italic
Burgess Semi Bold
Catalogue Reg
Coign15 Medium
Circular Bold
Circular Mono Reg
Courier Sans Mono Bold
DM Serif Display Reg
Euclid Circular A Bold
Euclid Stencil Mak R
Excellent Bold Italic
Fann Grotesque Semi Bold
Fortescue Reg
Freundschaft Reg
Gravur Cond Bold
Grey Regular
Heymland Reg
Hoboken High Sans Reg
IBM Plex Mono Medium
Jumping Jack Reg
Knewave Regular
La Fabrique Light
League Gothic Reg
Le Corbusier Regular
Lettera Mono Reg
Lettera Text Medium
Lisbon Reg
Lord Bold
Lutz Headline Reg
Lydia Condensed Bold
Mabry Reg
Marche Super
Moderne Light
Mono Book
Monosten Reg
New Panam Skyline Italic
New Paris Headline Bold
Numberplate Austria
Number Two Reg
Montefiore Reg
Nib Reg
Orbitron Black
Pantograph Reg
Peggs Medium
Pep Solid Black
Perfin Reg
Prismaset A Giff
Prismaset B Carved AM
Raisonne Reg
Reader Medium
Reforma1918 Blanca
Replica Mono Reg
Riforma Heavy
Riviera Nights
Sang Bleu Sunrise AIR
Sang Bleu OG San
Simple Bold
Simplon Norm Bold
Sniglet Regular
Space Mono Reg
Storno Reg
Suisse Intl Condensed Reg
Suisse Intl Mono Reg
Suisse Intl Ultra Light
Suisse Neue Light
Super Max Reg
Superstudio Light
Supreme Reg
Supreme Jumbo
System85 Bold
Thermo Alpha
The W Clan GZE
Transcript Ultra Light
Typ1451 Bold
Unica77 Black
Value Sans Medium
Value Serif Medium
Vectrex Reg
Visuelt Black
Vogy Smog Only